What differentiates an average penny from a lucky penny?

Who finds the penny and how strongly they believe.


While working in local media, I met tons of small business owners who felt lost in the world of modern marketing. There were so many critical questions to be answered and no one to answer them all - "Where do I invest marketing dollars? What should I post on Instagram? How do I get professional images? Should I create a new logo? Where should I focus my time?" I knew there needed to be a marketing advocate to help small businesses put together the puzzle - I knew it was the job for me.


Marketing is more accessible and more time consuming than ever before. 

If you have professional photos taken and no coaching on how to use Instagram - you risk wasting time and money. If you run a social contest to grow your e-mail list but no idea what to say in an e-mail campaign - you risk wasting time and money. If you have a logo designed and cannot quickly list the 3 core values you provide your customers - you risk wasting time and money. If you must seek out 10 different people to get the job done - you risk wasting time and money.

Let's put together your unique marketing puzzle and make the most of your time and money.


Back in 2012, a college professor (turned professional mentor) encouraged me to pursue my strengths in the niche field of creative strategy. Her encouraging words propelled me years later when I made the jump into entrepreneurship. After one post-grad meet up, she found a penny heads-up on the pavement. She tossed it to me with a dry "Ah, a lucky penny. Make a wish - you never know what could happen." 


It only takes one person to help you uncover and communicate the value you have to offer the world.


While this was a personal lesson, it is a critical lesson to apply to the world of marketing. It's easy to get lost out there - let's find out what your business has to offer the world!

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